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Upheaval in the Manga Industry: Piracy, Scanlations, and the Future of Digital Manga
In the past few years the manga industry has experienced upheaval, to put it lightly. A number of seemingly unconnected, but pressing, issues have turned into a perfect storm of sudden, dramatic change. Online manga piracy, generally conducted in the open on sites that contain thousands of pages of copyrighted work, finally reached the point where publishers could no longer turn a blind eye to ot
Scanlation Site ‘One Manga’ to Shut Down at the End of the Month
One Manga, arguably the leading online locations for fan-scanned and translated manga is shutting its doors? forever at the end of this month. The site, which hosts an abundance of titles licensed by American publishers ("Naruto," One Piece," "Bleach"), is viewed as a kind poster child for comic book piracy by many, although champions of scanlating have long c