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'Gotham' Sets Paul Reubens to Reprise Role as Penguin's Dad
Whatever your feelings on FOX’s Gotham, few would argue that Robin Taylor’s Penguin proved an early highlight of the show, accented by screen legend Carol Kane as his eccentric mother. Now, the Penguin family lineage grows even odder, as Pee-wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens signs on to play Penguin’s father (again) in Gotham Season 2.
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Starring the Voice of Pee-Wee Herman [Video]
Kudos to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Paul Reubens for making us LOL IRL with this video, which replaces all the voices in a Dark Knight Rises advertisement with that of Reubens' enduringly popular Pee-Wee Herman character. Reubens, as all hopelessly geeky Batman fans know, played the father of Danny DeVito's Oswald Cobblepot -- aka The Penguin -- in 1992's Batman Returns...