Parting Shot: ‘Who is Miles Morales?’ Fan Film [Video]
Thanks to Brian Michael Bendis for tweeting the link to this most excellent fan film based on his and Sara Pichelli's Miles Morales, the young hero of Marvel's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Directed by Wes Armstrong and starring Devin White in the title role, the short, low-budget film employs some clever cutting techniques that remind one of Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright's work on the sitcom
Marvel Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn Panel [NYCC 2011]
Friday at New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics welcomed readers of its Ultimate Comics line of titles to discuss those series with some of the creative talents behind them. Panelists included Arune Singh, Director of Communications; Sana Amanat, Ultimate Comics editor; Sara Pichelli, artist of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man; Esad Ribic, artist of Ultimate Comics Ultimates; and C...
Link Ink: Sinestro Sweats ‘Green Lantern #1′ Printing Error, ‘Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer’ Statues And Daleks Aplenty
Printing: Sinestro is sporting something like an anime sweat bead on certain Green Lantern #1 covers thanks to a printing error. Somebody on eBay is trying to sell one as a variant for $10. Cool speculation, bro. Crime: Police arrested and charged Dragon*Con co-founder Edward Kramer with misdemeanor reckless endangerment of a child after allegedly finding him in a motel room with a 14-year-old bo
‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Artist Sara Pichelli Has Got Style in Spades [Art]
When Marvel announced Sara Pichelli as the new artist on Ultimate Spider-Man, we all knew we would be seeing her name in the news a little more frequently down the road. Marvel's next Spider-Man Mile Morales really put her artwork on the map, though, and Pichelli's own archive of sketches and experiments continues to demonstrate she's more than deserving of the attention...

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