When Marvel announced Sara Pichelli as the new artist on Ultimate Spider-Man, we all knew we would be seeing her name in the news a little more frequently down the road. Marvel's next Spider-Man Mile Morales really put her artwork on the map, though, and Pichelli's own archive of sketches and experiments continues to demonstrate she's more than deserving of the attention.Pichelli's personal art blog has been keeping track of her title's mainstream media attention, as well as her recent Emma Frost, She-Hulk and Psylocke studies. Everything she draws and posts there is absolutely bursting at the seams with imagination, whether it involves a giant hand grenade or Spider-Man and Black Cat locking lips.

You can taste some subtle similarities between her work and Stuart Immonen's, but Pichelli's figures tend to be a little more frayed and look a little more suited for a story in Heavy Metal. That's not a bad thing, mind you. In fact, it should allow her to make this era of Ultimate Spidey tales even more her own (to be shared with Brian Michael Bendis, of course).

See a selection of Pichelli pieces below:

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