Being Spider-Man can be great for self-esteem, but it's not always best for your academic performance. This Wednesday's Spider-Man #1 finds Miles Morales, the younger of Marvel's two Spider-Men, learning that lesson the hard way. He hasn't done his homework due to Spider-business, and now he has to escape from the classroom to be Spider-Man again, even though his teacher is already angry at him.

You'd think SHIELD or someone could set up a special high school for superheroes, where they wouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing. But then again, SHIELD probably couldn't be trusted to just teach them algebra and not program them to be assassins. But I digress.

This is Miles' debut as a solo hero in the main Marvel Universe, and it looks to be pretty great. Sara Pichelli's art is gorgeous as ever, and I'm particularly fond of the one-panel fantasy that's drawn in a cartoonier style. Obviously, writer and co-creator Brian Michael Bendis has his voice down just as well as Pichelli does his look, and it's going to be fun seeing Miles's adventures in a universe where he's not the only superhero that readers and creators still care about.


Sara Pichelli
Sara Pichelli
Sara Pichelli
Variant Cover by Michael Cho
Variant Cover by Mark Bagley
Hip-Hop Variant by Adi Granov
Variant Cover by Skottie Young


Here's the official word from Marvel:

This Wednesday, Miles Morales comes to the Marvel Universe, and he’s here to stay! But before SPIDER-MAN #1 comes to comic shops everywhere and digital devices, Marvel is pleased to present your new look inside the highly anticipated first issue! Strap in as Miles Morales co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli present the next chapter in the young hero’s life!

“Writing Spider-Man is truly a responsibility. It’s not just a gig,” says writer Brian Michael Bendis, speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “It is something that profoundly affects people. One of the great joys of my life on levels I never thought would happen are people’s responses to this book and to this character.”

Sure, he’s been doing the superhero thing for a while now, but following the events of Secret Wars, Miles finds himself a full-fledged resident of the Marvel Universe. Swinging alongside Captain America, Thor and Iron Man as a member of the Avengers and patrolling the Big Apple’s rooftops as NYC’s own Spider-Man! But it’s not all fun and games. A lot has transpired in the eight months since Secret Wars and an entire new universe awaits – friend and foe alike. Is he ready to face the new Marvel Universe? Better yet – is the Marvel Universe ready for Miles Morales? Find out this Wednesday in SPIDER-MAN #1!