The Periodic Table Of Super-Powers
With 70 years of super-hero comics behind us, there have been a lot of super-powers on the printed page -- so many, in fact, that even the most dedicated comics reader can occasionally have a hard time keeping them straight. tweetmeme_url = 'http://comicsalliance...
Google Engineers Argue Over Superpowers
If you've ever completed a Google profile, you may have noticed that the system asks you an unusual question before completing your registration: What superpower would you want the most? Apparently, this is something that the Google engineers have been trying to hash out amongst themselves, and like any good nerds, they have taken a silly, theoretical question and analyzed it in quantifiable, seri
The Most Bizarre Superpowers In Comics
This week, the first volume of "Chew," the current indie darling from writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory, comes out in trade paperback, and we can't recommend it highly enough! If you haven't read it, the story follows the adventures of an FDA inspector called Tony Chu, who, as a "cibopath," gets psychic impressions from the food he eats, which has led him to be the Wo
Webcomic of the Week — ‘Twilight’ Author Pwns 4-Chan
Xkcd imagines what would happen if "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer went head to head with 4-chan... and it doesn't end well for the trolls. Other wins:-The superpower of shooting sunscreen from your eyes, in "Dinosaur Comics" -Telling scary campfire stories about the supernatural horror that is hipsters, while camping ...