Vintage Superhero-Themed Wedding Looks Like a Blast
A shared feeling of tremendous victory over a taxing 18-month separation while they pursued their career goals became the inspiration for the superhero-themed wedding of Megan Harrod and Thomas Suszynski. Embodying the themes and aesthetics loved by them both, the never-say-die idiom of superheroes influenced everything about the wedding, which was captured in a series of lovely portraits and publ
Vintage Batman Dresses and Corsets [Girl Week]
While petticoats and ribbons might not be our personal style, we got a little excited when we stumbled across these Batman dresses and corsets at The Vintage Doctor, particularly given the general lack of comic book-oriented clothing for ladies outside of the occasional logo tee...
Link Ink — Superman and the Snake-King
-Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man team get saved from an evil magician by a guru in this amazing vintage Indian comic of slightly broken English and snakes getting shot into people's mouths. (CBR) -Despite James Marster's recent complaints about comics writing, Juliet Landau (Drusilla on 'Buffy') will be co-scripting an upcoming issue of 'Angel...