Do you long for the good-old days when villainesses tatted lace costumes and masked men wore three-piece suits instead of spandex? The Marvellini Brothers are spinning an alternate history of the world with their vintage superhero portraits, imagining an earlier era of costumed crimefighters. See more turn of the century masked men and women below the cut.

The Marvellinis take vintage photographs and digitally alter them, recasting their subjects as everyone from Captain America to Darth Vader. Dressing up Great-Aunt Muriel as Catwoman is a fun novelty, but it's even greater fun to imagine the stories behind these photos. Did these superheroes travel back in time and changed their costumes to better fit the time period? Are these the heroic ancestors of our modern superpeople? Did Wolverine once rock the crumb-catcher? Where did Catwoman find black latex in the 1930s? And who knew Darth Vader was so into cross-dressing?

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