Between DC Collectibles Justice League line and Mattel's DC Universe toys, the flagship heroes of the Jim Lee-designed New 52 are getting their share of collector-aimed action figures featuring detailed sculpts and lots of articulation. For kids, though, Mattel's rolling out a line of Target exclusive Justice League figures sporting simplified sculpts and more streamlined articulation and accessories. Standing at about 5.25" tall, JL line has an overall aesthetic somewhere between the Bruce Timm designs in the Justice League Unlimited line, the Batman: The Brave and the Bold figures and Mattel's current Batman: Power Attack toys.The toys have recently started rolling in to Target retail stores, with a roughly $50 box set packing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman also currently available online.

According to Toy Ark, single carded versions of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash can be found in stores, packed with relevant accessories (GL's got a translucent green fist construct, Batman's got a Batarang, etc.). For the vehicle-minded, there's a Steel Cycle that comes with a Supes pilot and a Batcycle with a Batmoto Batman. They're repaints of the same toy, so if these two have a race, they'll theoretically be evenly matched... if you like pondering imaginary action figure races, anyway.

You can take a look at all seven Justice Leaguers from the Target box set below.

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