Mass media adaptations of superheroes can reach a much wider audience and tend to bring in an entirely new bunch of fans, but there's one advantage their comic book counterparts have always had: Events! Comics, more than any other medium, excel at complicated crossovers and extended storylines built around a single idea, and they've been doing it so long that no other medium can come close. Until now, I mean.

Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! has been launching into some truly comic book style storytelling over the past few years, including a crossover with Powerpuff Girls, and now, they're set for their first big extended event: A week's worth of daily episodes that find the Titans shipwrecked on a desert island and caught up in all manner of Gilliganesque hijinx --- oh, and also being hunted by an alien. Check out the full roster of episodes and clips from each one below!

And here's the lineup:


“Coconut Crème Pie” - Monday, August 1 
The Titans are shipwrecked on a desert island and must use the island's resources to survive.


“Pure Protein” - Tuesday, August 2 
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, the Titans first hold a team competition but then must avoid an Alien hunter.


“Open Door Policy” - Wednesday, August 3 
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, the Titans try to find food but stumble upon dinosaurs instead.


“Crazy Desire Island” - Thursday, August 4 
Still shipwrecked on a desert island, Robin grants the other Titans their crazy desires.


“The Titans Show” - Friday, August 5 
The Titans try to get off the desert island, but soon realize that everything is not as it seems.


So like, spoiler warning and all, but there's no way that last episode doesn't turn into an homage to The Prisoner, right?

The five-day special event starts tonight at 6PM Eastern, 5PM Central, on Cartoon Network!


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