Here at ComicsAlliance we're big fans of Teen Titans Go, the sitcom that asks, "What do the premier group of teenage superheroes do when not saving the world?" And answers that question with, "Almost marry a pot of chili, team up with alternate versions of themselves, and eat so much that their stomachs overtake their minds." The point is, it's a pretty great show.

If you've been watching Cartoon Network at all during the last month, you're probably aware that the channel recently rebooted Craig McCracken's legendary The Powerpuff Girls. Like TTG , the new Powerpuff doubles down on the wackiness of its predecessor to pretty fun results. Now fans of both shows will get the crossover of their dreams with "TTG v. PPG." Check out a first look clip, above!

The plot sees Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup hopping dimensions into Jump City to chase after Mojo Jojo. But honestly? I'd be pretty satisfied if this was just 11 minutes of Starfire trying to pinch Buttercup's cheeks.

As part of the lead-up to this, CN has also released a couple of fun "vs." videos pitting the teams against each other, and again, they are delightful.



This looks to be as inspired a crossover as "Say Uncle," AKA that episode of Steven Universe where Uncle Grandpa tried to activate Steven's gem powers by shooting bees at him.

"TTG v. PPG" premieres Thursday, June 30th at 6:00 PM EST/PST on Cartoon Network. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments!


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