Inspired by the characters created and/or popularized by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Teen Titans Go! is one of the best ever DC Comics series to come out of Warner Bros. Animation, which is saying something considering the prestigious history of that association. The series has been characterized by a virtually flawless balance of character-based superhero situation comedy and hilarious absurdism, with multiple episodes dedicated to dance parties, romantic rivalries, food-based melodrama, characters actually dying (only to be resurrected inexplicably in the next), and now, selling their souls to the Devil.

First screened for the Anaheim crowd at WonderCon (on a panel moderated by yours truly) and finally broadcasting this week, "Puppets Whaaaaat?" is doubtlessly the craziest episode of Teen Titans Go! we've seen yet, featuring Robin dealing with his team's insubordination by making marionettes to act out is fantasies of leadership and respect. And they are actual marionettes -- real puppets carved out of real wood and filmed with real cameras, complete with their own puppet stages and puppet versions of art director Dan Hipp's famous easter eggs.

Also in this episode, the Puppet Wizard -- a laughably awful stop-motion sock puppet to whom Robin sells his soul in exchange for making the other Titans into real-life puppets he can control.

Like I said, this Robin episode is -- if you'll pardon the pun -- batsh*t, and it airs Thursday on Cartoon Network.



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