After teasing us with Facebook and Instagram pictures of a Birds-of-Prey-like logo on a jacket and a t-shirt, the official Batman: Arkham Origins Facebook page has revealed that a very young Barbara Gordon will appear in the game.

According to the post announcing her appearance, the game will document a teenaged Babs' first meeting with the Dark Knight. She also apparently gets an earful from her dad because she's a headstrong teen who's too smart for her own good. (Making some inferences on that, but they're educated guesses).

The timeline of the three games is almost as tough to work out as that of The New 52; by the time of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Barbara has already become Oracle after what you'd have to assume was a healthy stint as Batgirl. She was a key character in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, despite rarely being seen. That means there's got to be a pretty big time jump between this game and the first, even though Batman himself doesn't seem to have aged all that much in the interim.

Who knows, maybe the transformation into Batgirl will happen in the game?

Also: This is clearly a different take on Barbara than the one introduced in the comics or the 1966 Batman TV show, where she was, from the start, an adult with a Ph.D. and a librarian job in spite of the "girl" in her superhero name.  Here, she kind of looks like Ellen Page as Juno mixed with Meryl from Metal Gear Solid.

It could be a fun take. We'll just have to wait until the game comes out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 25.