Maybe this will give the stinky dude at the comic con (and as we all know, there's always at least one really stinky dude at a con) a bit of incentive to shower before he hits the show floor -- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle soaps!

While they may look like those delicious ice cream pops and smell of delicious lemon-lime, don't try eating these -- they're riddled with non-edible chemicals! We really shouldn't be the ones telling you this, but we digress -- these soaps, based on those lovable, no-slack-cutting Turtle Boys are currently available at (home of the 12-sided dice soap on a rope) for $8.99 which lands you a set of four.If you're some kinda fancy, HGTV watching so-and-so, you can use them as decorative soaps, but we suggest you use them in the shower. After all, seeing these every morning, you'll wanna bust out singing the TMNT theme song while scrub-a-dubbing! What better way to start the day?

[Via: Great White Snark]