One of my favorite things on the Internet is the always amusing and frequently hilarious artwork of Henry Bonsu, also known as Henry the Worst. Asked by a Tumblr follower to explain the origins of his idiosyncratic style, Bonsu responded with an animated gif of the famously epileptic Joy Division singer Ian Curtis and said "put a pencil in his hand and then add paper." Bonsu is known for his ongoing Dap Bros series, depicting fictional fistbumps between icons of all sorts, but the thing he does that I love most are these inexplicably vicious and hateful cartoons about Michelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that this cartoonist sees as "the worst thing to happen to America."

Bonsu's latest attacks upon the notorious party dude bring Michelangelo to his most humiliating lows yet, and you can see just how far after the cut.

"I always felt that the rest of the turtles should've sold him to a zoo and then replaced him with a vacuum cleaner," wrote Bonsu last year. Well...


Damn, bro.

Bonsu's Tumblr is updated regularly with great new cartoons (many of which are animated), and you can buy a selection of his work at Society 6.

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