Titan Comics has built up a hefty stable of video game franchises to draw stories from over the past few years, but what connects titles such as Assassin's Creed, Dishonored, and Dark Souls is that there's so much more story to be told within the rich fiction created in the games. That's why the addition of Tekken to Titan's roster makes perfect sense, and this May the publisher will launch a brand new ongoing series from Cavan Scott and Andie Tong.

While a fighting game like Tekken might not seem to be the sort of game with opportunities for in-continuity spin-offs in other media, fighting games actually provide some of the most fertile ground for expanded storytelling. The world of Tekken follows the annual "King of the Iron Fist" tournament, but the driving story at the heart of it is the conflict surrounding the Mishima family, but other characters such as leopard-faced pro-wrestler King, cyborg ninja Yoshimitsu and Kuma, an actual bear who is also a bodyguard.

In a statement provided by Titan, Cavan Scott spoke about his excitement for the series:

I’m so excited to be bringing the explosive world of TEKKEN back to comics.” said writer Cavan Scott, “I’ve been a fan of the series ever since I slipped the first game into my PlayStation back in 1995. We’re having great fun delving into the series’ history to bring back some familiar faces, along with all the fan-favorite fighters you’d expect. There’s going to be intrigue, danger and, of course, knock-out battles galore!

Check out promo art and variant covers below:


Andie Tong / Titan Comics
Andie Tong / Titan Comics
Andie Tong / Titan Comics
Anton K / Titan Comics
Game Cover / Titan Comics
Jimbo Salgado / Titan Comics


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