If you've been reading superhero comics with any regularity over the last two decades, you've probably encountered Terry Dodson's artwork on one of your favorite books. And even if you haven't, you'll have a new chance to see his crisp lines and curvy characters this December in Marvel's Defenders with Matt Fraction. Until that series arrives in stores, though, there's plenty of Dodson samples floating around on the internet for your enjoyment.Dodson's blog and the portfolio on TerryDodsonArt.com house piles of Black Cat and White Queen sketches for you to flip through. Dodson's style, of course, is cut from some of the same strengths as other prominent pinup-friendly artists like Adam Hughes and Frank Cho. Unsurprisingly, he tends to play to those strengths when someone commissions him to draw Batgirl, Harley Quinn or White Queen.

Check out a few of the Marvel and DC ladies he's sketched that caught our eye below:

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