Hey kids, it's that time again! No, it's not time to do the word thing, but I love where your head's at, quiet "Ghost Writer" fan in the corner. Instead, it's time to take a look at yet another round of Marvel Universe action figures - that's right, the 11th wave has been revealed! The lineup consists of Constrictor, Bullseye in his Dark Avengers Hawkeye uniform, Iron Man 2020, Thanos and Yellow Jacket with a Mini Ant-Man . Marvelous News reports that pictures of these figures have already cropped up on eBay, but in case you haven't seen them yet, here you are:

In all honesty, the wave as a whole is only about 60 percent exciting to me. Iron Man has become the new Wolverine when it comes to Marvel's action figure department and Bullseye Hawkeye doesn't much differ from his Clint Barton counterpart - but a Thanos figure plus Infinity Gauntlet scaled down to Marvel Universe height? Constrictor (with arm removal action, perhaps?)? Yellowjacket plus a tiny Ant-man? I have to see those in person!Source: Marvelous News

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