Attention all would-be ironic Disney/Marvel mashuppers: Trina Johnson and Kelly Tindall have created "That's So Kraven." You can all go home now.

That's right, a team of Webcomic creators have swapped out Raven Symone with Spider-Man foe Kraven the Hunter for a "That's So Raven" parody that plays it straight despite its new characters. It's good timing too, given Sergei Kravinoff's recent (if unholy) return to the land of the living. Sure, he may occasionally lash out at his family, but in the hands of Johnson and Tindal, the hunter does a spot-on (K)Raven.The creators have posted three installments thus far, plugging Kraven and his foe Spidey directly into roles and situations ripped directly from the Disney Channel hit - specifically the 2006 episode "The Dress is Always Greener." After pinning the episode down and doing some YouTube watching, I must say, "That's So Kraven's" initial three installments already have me in stitches (My, uh, little sister used to watch it...).

A huge tip of the hat to Blog@'s David Pepose for pointing this delight out.

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