Although finding a near-mint condition copy is nearly impossible, if you happen to own any of these old comics where popular characters make their first appearance, you could be sitting on hundreds of thousand dollars. Take a look through our gallery of the ten most valuable comics in the world, and what makes them worth six figures.

The Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books

    Amazing Fantasy #15 ($65,000)
    The first appearance of Spider-Man, this 1962 issue boasts one of the most iconic covers in comics where Spider-Man thrusts his crotch at your face.

    Whiz Comics #2 ($95,000)

    Captain Marvel pulls a Krazy Kat, hurling bricks at criminals and/or passersby in his debut in the first issue of Whiz Comics, which was called #2 for no reason.

    More Fun Comics #52 ($125,000)
    I find it only a little ironic that the first appearance of The Spectre, an undead spirit devoted to grim, bloody vengeance, takes place in a series called "More Fun Comics," but there it is.

    Captain America #1($190,000)
    The World War II era hero makes his debut in 1941 by punching Hitler in the face. The man knows how to make an entrance.

    Batman #1 ($215,000)
    Not the first appearance of the Caped Crusader, but the launch of his self-titled book. Yes, the homo-eroticism with Robin begins right away as they exchange meaningful glances while swinging through the air.

    All-American Comics #16 ($280,000)
    The first appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, in 1940, back when the Green Lantern symbol actually looked like a lantern.

    Superman #1 ($440,000)

    The first self-titled series from arguably the greatest superhero of them all, published in 1939.

    Marvel Comics #1 ($460,000)
    Where it all began for the Marvel Universe. This series later changed its name from Marvel Comics to Marvel Mystery Comics, while the publisher changed its name from Timely Comics to.... Marvel Comics.

    Detective Comics #27 ($575,000)
    The first appearance of Batman in 1939, a year before he got picked up for his very own comic book series.

    Action Comics #1 ($750,000)
    The first appearance of Superman, all the way back in 1938 -- and the holy grail of all comics collectors. Remember, if you make Superman angry, he will throw a car at you.

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