So there's this guy -- in real life-- who decided to dress up a superhero and try to stop crime, and no, this isn't the plot to Kick-Ass. He calls himself "Shadow Hare" and he and his friends actually dress up in spandex, conceal their identities with masks, carry tasers, pepper spray, and handcuffs, and make citizen arrests. The team calls itself "The Allegiance of Heroes," complete with a rallying cry that totally rips off The Avengers ("Allegiance Assemble!")

More on the World Superhero Registry after the jump...

Embedded video from <a href="">CNN Video</a>I love that in addition to the costumes, they've actually adopted the cheesy dialogue of bad superhero comics. When Shadow Hare hands out a meal to a blind homeless man, he announces that "he surely won't recognize us because he's blind, but I'm sure he'll recognize the taste of a good meal, wouldn't you say?"

The reaction shot when SH gives his business card to a policeman is priceless. What do you even put on a business card when you're keeping your identity secret? Also, why does he have a picture of a cat on his costume if he's named after a rabbit? There are so many questions.

Apparently they're not alone, though, as there's an entire World Superhero Registry online where they can discuss making net guns and stun gloves, criminals are referred to as "villains," and there's actually a map displaying the locations of all the registered superheroes all over the world. Really, spend some time in there -- it is a treat.

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