In what is surely just the first shot fired in the inevitable war between the authorities and masked vigilantes, the police of Columbia, Tennessee have demanded that the local superhero, the Viper, cease his activities in the fair southern U.S. city. The move, reported by ABC News, recalls the harsh actions of government authorites in Watchmen, where the notorious Keane Act outlawed all masked crimefighters in the United States. Things aren't quite as violently oppressive in the quiet city of Columbia - where, the ABC reporter takes care to note, there are many pigeons - but it is very much against the law to wear masks on the street. As such, the mysterious Viper has found himself S.O.L.Garbed in a Power Rangers-esque costume of green tights and a mask, the Viper told ABC News, "I'm not in it for the 'wow' factor." But while the Viper only wishes to inspire his fellow Columbians to do the right thing, the local police saw things differently. "My future endeavors are limited right now, since i'm confined to headquarters," he said, deppressingly.

The events in Columbia do not bode well for other real-life superheroes like Phoenix Jones, especially as their flamboyant actions continue to draw attention from the media and perhaps undermine the authority of the police. In any case, ComicsAlliance will continue to monitor the situation.

Xeno be with you, Viper. We join the good citizens of Columbia, Tennessee in awaiting your defiant return to action.

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