Because we're feeling the pull of the yuletide (whatever the heck that is), we decided to start a countdown to Christmas in the tradition of that old holiday standard, The 12 Days of Christmas. Except we shook it up, tossed it over to some of the craziest and most talented comics creators we know, and made our own version: The Twelve Days of Comic Book Christmas. Each day until December 24th, we'll post an original piece of art from a creator telling a very different story about what their true love gave to them. So enjoy this gift to you, fair readers -- and make sure to spread the good comics cheer!

"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

five stages of grief!" - Box Brown

About Box Brown: Box Brown is currently working on the web and print comic Everything Dies. The newest issue, #5 is just about to be released! Juuuuussst, not in time for Christmas.

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