What if you could see Spider-Man swing around the very streets you're walking in? As part of the ongoing attempts to promote this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man movie, Sony has made sure that there's an app for that.The Amazing Spider-Man AR app (available on both iOS and Google Play) uses the same kind of augmented reality technology as Marvel Comics' AR component of its ReEvolution digital program to allow fans to find Spider-Man all over the place, with special images unlocking animation of the web-crawler in action on the mobile device of your choice.

The official description of the app promises that users will be able to "see Spider-Man swing through buildings, crawl up walls, shoot his web at the screen, or engage with nefarious characters on the streets" with the new app, with the ability to "take photos of Spider-Man in action" and share them on Twitter or Facebook.

Additional images to activate the AR animations will be available in Sony Stores, as well as through Activision and Entertainment Weekly channels, ensuring Spidey's virtual dominance as we get closer to his movie's July 3 release date. Rumors about whether turning your phone upside down as soon as the wall-crawler appears will result in him taking his mask off and kissing you in the rain remain, so far, unconfirmed.

[Via SHH]

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