Gameloft has released the first trailer and screen shots from its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man mobile game for iOS and Android, revealing what seems to be a more expansive and graphically sophisticated successor to Gameloft's well-received 2010 mobile release, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. While Total Mayhem was chiefly praised for its fluid combat, it didn't feature the sandbox-style maps of Spider-Man titles on more powerful platforms. This new Amazing Spider-Man mobile game seems much more akin to Activision's series of Spider-Man movie tie-ins with what appears to be a sizable map of Manhattan to climb, swing and fight bad guys through. Besides getting an official July 3 release date -- the same day as The Amazing Spider-Man movie -- details about the game's missions and power-ups are still forthcoming, but in the meantime you can take in the game's visuals via the new trailer and screen shots after the cut.

[Via Gameloft]

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