For those who thought that the idea of Activision and Beenox's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man video game featuring a playable Stan Lee (for those who preorder the game through Amazon) was some kind of belated April Fool's joke, we now have dizzying proof otherwise: A video showing the 89-year old comic creator demonstrating the agility and fighting skills that a man half his age -- Hell, a quarter of his age -- would risk a radioactive/genetically modified spider bite to be able to pull off.

Maybe it's just me, but the highpoint of this video really might be Lee's excitable voiceover as his avatar jumps all over the place and shoots webs to take down the bad guys. Weirdly enough, I can actually imagine the real Lee saying something like "I can't wait to tweet about this!" if he were ever granted the ability to (a) kick ass, and (b) take names.

The Amazing Spider-Man game is release June 26.

[Via Gamespot]

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