Writer Kelly Roman and artist Michael DeWeese's upcoming graphic novel The Art of War from HarperCollins portrays a dystopian future in the grips of a more global Chinese government infringing on basic human rights at home and abroad. Here in the less bleak 2011, the duo's getting their freedom of expression on and stamping their own blood to free chapter samples of the book to promote it's pending release -- live, before a studio straight up outdoor audience.Taking place May 19 at Columbus Park, Chinatown in New York City, the event will see a doctor extract blood from both Roman and DeWeese. The blood will be stamped onto a three-chapter sample of the upcoming release using a rubber stamp with the book's title written in Chinese characters. To keep things nice and clean, clear tape will be placed over the dried blood.

Roman cites the event's origins in an official press release thusly, "I was inspired by reading about Marvel editor Mark Gruenwald having his ashes mixed with ink and made into issues of Squadron Supreme. And the band KISS had their blood used to print their first comic. Mike and I decided to add a live performance element. We'd love to take this on the road, basically a bloody author tour."

For more info about the event, you can check out The Art of War Facebook page. To sample the first 50 of its 336 pages without the blood, you can head to the official TAoW website.

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