Infographics: Nathanthenerd makes sense of all the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff of Doctor Who seasons 1-6 so far with an awesome organized timeline chart. Bless you, Nathanthenerd (Click for the full-sized image). [Blastr]

Movies: In an interview with Empire, Stellan Skarsgard revealed that Joss Whedon directed the scene in Thor that plays after the closing credits. It seems The Avengers has already began, in a sense. [Empire]

Polls: Robert Stanley Martin and The Hooded Utilitarian have started a poll asking for readers' to list their ten favorite/best/most significant comics works. Details on how to participate are at HU. I don't advise trying to prank them with a list of ten Garfield entries. [HU]

Theme Parks: The upgraded Star Tours opened at Disneyworld this past weekend. Anybody taken it for a spin yet? How was it? [io9]

Toys: DannyChoo checks out Clone Factory in Akihabara, Japan for a look at their 3D printing custom action figure magic. The whole process is scary accurate and detailed. [Kotaku]

Threads: Even if you don't dig the new Nintendo Converse shoes, Kotaku points out that their boxes are a thing of beauty. [Kotaku]

Creators: Writer Kelly Roman and artist Michael DeWeese's The Art of War stamping (in blood!) event was a bloody success with a score of fans taking home previews. [YouTube]

Gaming: Black Widow gets profiled in Gazillion's free to play Super Hero Squad Online. [Marvel]

Toys: Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Christopher Reeve Superman: The Movie figure looks so realistic you'll believe it can fly. [Toynewsi]

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