Hot Toys has been generous with images of its The Avengers movie figure heroes Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor (with Hulk, Iron Man Mark VII and Black Widow still on the way), but now it's time for the film's villain to shine. Due out around December is a 1/6 scale Loki figure bearing the mischievously accurate likeness of actor Tom Hiddleston. The roughly $220 toy will come packed with all the trimmings befitting an evil step brother exiled from Asgard, such as two versions of his crazy magic scepter, two knives, his big ol' helmet and hands aplenty. Should Loki's plastic trickery prove too much, the figure will come with a muzzle and shackles for restraining action. If you buy the Hot Toys Nick Fury, maybe have him patronizingly offer him a 1/6 scale magazine or something while he's locked up. Check out all the Loki goodness after the cut.

[Via Hot Toys]

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