Long-time ComicsAlliance readers may recall that I'm a pretty big fan of Scooby-Doo, and even though that original series never quite lived up to its potential, there's one area where it definitely excelled: The awesome painted backgrounds that Mystery Inc. would wander through in search of their latest masked scam artist.

Like a lot of classic animation art, Scooby's backgrounds were way better than they had to be. Stripped of talking dogs, giant sandwiches and sight gags, they actually do a pretty great job of creating a creepy, moody atmosphere that you'd expect from abandoned airfields, deserted backwoods trails, creepy circuses and the occasional basement full of dusty skulls. Check out ten of the best after the cut!

See? Those things are downright spooky. Once you take away Jerry Reed belting out "Pretty Mary Sunlight," there's a lot of creepiness to be found there. For more, check out Secret Fun's gallery of 50!