Once in awhile you catch a Batman image so wonderful, you experience what's known as "[Chris] Simsian Joy" and io9's link to a painting by Andrew Zubko of Batman's improved method of shark dispatching definitely qualifies as one of those occasions.

Batman's had something of love/hate relationship with sharks over the years. Despite a diet that consists mostly of sea life, the cartilage-filled terrors of the sea have a history of biting Bats made famous by Adam West's dispersal of the fiends using his trademark Bat Shark Repellent on the '60s TV series. Of course, whenever Aquaman is around, sharks and Bats likely get along just fine.

In the event that an attacking shark should require more lethal force, however, the Bat Lightsaber Beamsword seems like an appropriate option. Or maybe that's one of those non-lethal beam weapons from Futurama? Regardless, DC should really consider adding this particular weapon to Batman's arsenal. Maybe once Bruce Wayne returns?

Regardless, you can see more of Zubko's work here.

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