Over the past several weekends, we've been breaking up the mix of news, views, interviews and features by talking up the work of living, breathing cartoonists hiding in plain sight on the Web, meaning those with a pulse. This week's tribute casts a spotlight on a group of cartoonists whose best days have come and gone, but are never forgotten, thanks, in no small part to the ongoing efforts of indy comics publishers, like Fantagraphics, Checker, IDW and Drawn and Quarterly.

I urge you to make a special trip to the closest comic book store very soon to pick up a FREE copy of Comic Strip Masterpieces, a co-op ad project by the aforementioned indy publishers that underscores their collective commitment to bringing classic comic strips -- think Peanuts, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon and Steve Canyon -- and the work of long gone luminaries like Elzie Crisler Segar, Windsor McCay, R.F. Foucault and George Herriman to new audiences. What's more you'll sample these four-color, full-size strips in an attractive tabloid format.

Knowing and appreciating that most of you live on the outer stretches of civilization, finding a comic store as cool as, let's say Chicago Comics, Jim Hanley's Universe, Lee's Comics, Big Planet Comics, Meltdown, Alternate Reality, Mile High Comics or Austin Books and Comics, that stocks quality freebies like Comic Strip Masterpieces may be tough.

So, if you're unable to find this tabloid reprint masterpiece, download it via this link from the Fantagraphics' blog Flog. And, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page after hitting the link!