This week's release of "WWE Heroes #2" might not do much to narrow the divide between pro wrestling and comics, but when you get right down to it, they might already be a little closer than we thought. was thinking about both of them the other day (which, I'll be honest, is something I probably do a lot more than I should) when I noticed that the people who create both tend to be drawing from the same pool of ideas when it comes to naming their creations.

For comics, the creations are the characters themselves, while in wrestling, the performers put their stamp on the moves themselves, and the results are often pretty similar. For example, in Figure 1, we have the Scorpion Deathlock, Sting's finishing hold, while in Figure 2, we have Deathlok, Marvel's cyborg zombie RoboCop from the future:

And in Figure 4, of course, the Figure 4.

So what's this all mean?

For me, it presents an opportunity to test the knowledge of our readers with another CA quiz! Below are 25 names, but are they Wrestling Move or Comic Book Character? See how many you can get, and highlight the line below each for the answer!

1. Diamond Dust

Wrestling move. Named by Masato Tanaka, it involves flipping over an opponent's back from the turnbuckle.

2. Angel Killer

Comic book character. It might sound like something "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels does, but it's actually a guy who fought Hawkman.

3. Thunderball

Comic book character. Brilliant physicist turned wrecking-ball-wielding member of the Wrecking Crew.

4. Sharpshooter

Wrestling move. The finishing hold of Bret "The Hitman" Hart, not to be confused with Tommy "Hitman" Monaghan.

5. Shining Wizard

Wrestling move. Inexplicably named by its inventor, Keiji "The Great Muta" Mutoh, it involves stepping on a kneeling opponent's knee and kicking them in the face.

6. Shining Apprentice

Wrestling move. A variation of the Shining Wizard that doesn't involve stepping on the opponent's knee.

7. Shining Knight

Comic book character. Sir Justin of Camelot, one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory

8. Glimmering Warlock

Wrestling move. Another variation of the Shining Wizard that kicks the back of the head. Sadly not the Shining Knight's arch-nemesis. Yet.

9. Splitter

Comic book character. When the Legion of Super-Heroes got their post-reboot names (ie, Phantom Girl becoming Apparition, Lightning Lass becoming Spark), the great Arm-Fall-Off Boy got this one.

10. Bonebreaker

Comic book character. Not to be confused with the Backbreaker, Bonebreaker was the original leader of the Reavers who fought the X-Men.

11. Power-Plex

Wrestling move. A tag-team finisher involving a top-rope suplex and a splash.

12. Multiplex

Comic book character. A Firestorm villain with the ability to split into multiple bodies.

13. Abbatoir

Comic book character. A villain taken out by Batman during Knightfall.

14. Frankensteiner

Wrestling move. A backflipping headscissor takedown popularized by complete lunatic Scott Steiner.

15. Buzzkiller

Wrestling move. Though it sounds like the perfect early-90s grim-and-gritty reboot for the Red Bee, it's actually Sean "X-Pac" Waltman's name for the crossface-chickenwing submission move.

16. Persuader

Comic book character. The hockey-mask wearing owner of the Atomic Axe who battles the Legion in the 31st Century. Yeah, I don't know why he's called the Persuader either.

17. Ace Crusher

Wrestling move. Invented by Johnny Ace, it was later modified by William Regal to become what's now known as the Cutter.

18. Looker

Comic book character. The Outsiders' resident Jean Grey knockoff who later also became a vampire.

19. Asian Mist

Wrestling move. Pioneered by the Great Kabuki, this involves spitting colored "poison" mist at the opponent, and was made popular by the Great Muta, who once used it to legitimately put out a fire that broke out during a cage match. If you take nothing else away from this article, it should be that Muta is awesome.

20. Spanish Fly

Wrestling move. A moonsault bodyslam from the top rope.

21. Annihilator Junior

Comic book character. A juvenile delinquent who gained and explosive punch in "Action Comics" #357

22. Atom Smasher

Comic book character. Originally known as Nuklon, Atom Smasher was a size-changing member of the JSA.

23. Exploder

Wrestling move. Also known as the T-Bone Suplex, it involves picking a guy up by the head and legs and throwing him over your shoulder.

24. Stunner

Wrestling move. The ubiquitous finisher of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

25. Tombstone

Both! Not only is Tombstone the proper name for the Undertaker's finishing move, but he's also a Spider-Man villain who served time with "Daily Bugle" managing editor Robbie Robertson!

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