Last week ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims sparked a Twitter trending topic that blossomed into a full-on Internet meme by asking the question, "What is the 'core' Marvel universe? His basic argument for embracing the weird and wonderful precedents of the publisher's past in light of the Punisher's polarizing "FrankenCastle" storyline opened more than a few eyes and called attention to the fanciful history of the House of Ideas' highest concepts.

In celebration, we decided to scour the scores of Twitter responses (in multiple languages!) for some of the most to-the-point observations of "Core Marvel Universe" lore.

Of course, the reactions aren't limited to Twitter, you, gentle reader gave us plenty to laugh about in the original comments thread from last week's post. What kind of site would we be if we didn't pool those two wonderful resources for commendation?

Read the perception-warping reminders of what it means to be 'core' after the jump...

Laura Hudson: In the core Marvel U, a 120-yr old, 5'2, 300 lb Canadian samurai regenerated his entire body from a single drop of blood

@manolis In #coremarveluniverse a girl can date a teen from the future in the robot body of the husband of the witch who killed her dad.

The Crazed Spruce: Many of the planet's most prominent citizens were transported to another dimension which existed within a child's toy ball.

@Dbed: Robocop is in fact a zombie from the future and is not really a cop

@BillZieders: A guy bitten by a radioactive spider found a costume machine that turned out to be an alien that hates church bells

Jeremy: In the Core Marvel Universe, a teenage boy was supposely killed on a mission to destroy a secret WWII weapon. In reality, he was turned into a brainwashed, cyborg assassin for the Soviet Union.

This is often considered the grittiest, most serious Captain America story.

David: In addition, in the core Marvel universe, the Norse god of thunder had his hammer stolen when he lost a fight with a cyborg horse from space and his talking starship. But that's okay because they're brothers now.

@NanoSouza: na essência da marvel, existe uma equipe formada por um cão, um dragão, um falcão, um gato e um sapo: Pet Avengers #coremarveluniverse

And my personal favorite...

DCD: In the Core Marvel Universe, planets grow goatees.

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