The CW is clearly working on the assumption that, the more we see of new Green Arrow series Arrow, the more we'll like it. Just a day after we got to see our first glimpse at the new show from some of the people who brought you the Green Lantern movie, the network has released the show's official trailer... and it kind of looks good. Click through to see if you're convinced.

The trailer pretty much lays out what to expect from the series: Something more grounded than Smallville, with definite "I will avenge my father" overtones (That's a new twist on the origin story, isn't it?) and influences definitely taken from the Andy Diggle/Jock Green Arrow: Year One comic (Seriously, some of that island footage looks very Jock-ish to me). From the looks of what's on show here, this looks much more in tune with the network's Nikita than the earlier "One day I will become Superman but it'll take me ten years" DC show... and that's not necessarily a bad thing, to be honest. What do you think?

[Via SHH]