A few weeks back I noticed a swath of pretty watchable DVDs had hit the $9.99 price point at one of my local big box stores, namely (and most favorably) 'The Dark Knight.' As ICv2 reports, Target will soon be hocking the thing for less than half that at the reduced price of $3.99.

Until now Target had been selling the DVD for $13.99, making both the DVD and Blu-Ray reductions fairly substantial by most definitions. Blu-Ray fans can't complain either, since TDK will reportedly be available at a discounted $12.99.

It seems like a loss leader move to stimulate other holiday sales (Black Friday marches ever nearer), but at this point in TDK's profitability, Target could still be making some scratch off the package. After all, they've got to feed that spot-eyed pooch mascot of theirs and pay for Domo commercials somehow.

Kind of makes a fan wonder how Walmart and other retailers will respond in the 2009 holiday price war.