Last week Mattel gave collectors a first look at its The Dark Knight Rises action figures of Alfred and John Blake from its... more canonical... 6" Movie Masters line. Today, new images have surfaced of Mattel's more kid-focused 4" Quik-Tek figures, along with images of "The Bat" and the Batpod. The vehicles seem to be action feature-heavy standalone toys rather than proper additions to the regular action figure assortment. The Quik-Tek figures, however, seem in scale with the basic line, and come packed with what can only really be described as a crazy quickchange cyborg closet. The white-suited Batman comes with a jet pack while Bane is armed with a fantastical mecha harness spouting shoulder-mounted machine guns. Now that I've seen it, I can't stop daydreaming of how surreal awesome it would be if it were actually worn by the mush-mouthed foe at the climax of Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film. Check out the kooky designs after the jump.

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[Via Toynewsi]

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