Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises 6" Movie Masters line just got a few less-than-expected, but very welcome additions. Joining the previously previewed Batman, Bane and Catwoman action figures will be Gotham City cop John Blake and Alfred. Even though the official images are pretty tiny, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine likenesses seem solid. Why, you can almost hear Alfred giving a troubled Bruce a pep talk about being a hero people deserve or need or whatever. Scope out slightly enlarged versions of the figures, along with an image of The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters line packaging after the cut.The Movie Masters figures will all come packaged with a piece of a buildable, working Bat-Signal. Younger kids may not find figures of Batman's older (and presumably unarmed) butler super appealing, so I suggest having them watch Harry Brown before taking them to the toy aisle reminding them that Alfred is essential to Batman's war on crime. Nobody really knows what to make of John Blake, but since he's a cop, he'll probably come packed with a gun for Batman to scold him about.

Check out the enlarged Dark Knight Rises figure images below:


John Blake

[Via TNI]