When it comes to video games, Batman fans have few complaints in this day and age. Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Gotham City games have been crazy critical and financial successes and even the more modest The Dark Knight Rises mobile game tie-in has received fan praise. But what would Batman's adventures be like if he took his Tumbler on a trip from Gotham to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Judging from Redditor S282's description of their experiences with the GTA: SA The Dark Knight Rises PC game mod (credited to the Dark Knight Begins team, Team Iceman and various Cleo scripters), being the Caped Crusader in San Andreas is a ton of fun. In this mod players can basically do all the Batman stuff they're accustomed to in other games, with a GTA: SA edge. Players can glide, drive the Batpod and Tumbler, hang out in a version of the Batcave and take on criminals and cops alike. The only downside, apparently, is that Batman sometimes says out-of-character lines like the gangsters in original version of the title... and is able to totally kill dudes. You can take a look at the game mod in action after the cut.

[Via Reddit, Kotaku]

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