Yes, yes, Avengers: You've had your day, being much-beloved and breaking box office records and everything. But this summer superhero movie showdown is only getting started, as Warner Bros. is patiently reminding everyone with two new television spots and a host of still images showcasing Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Both spots premiered last night, giving American Idol audiences the chance they'd all been waiting for to see Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle flirt a little more before she steals his car (Like we'd expect anything less from Gotham's favorite cat burglar). Not so much new footage in these spots, but just enough to remind us this'll be the movie where Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne and friends try their hand at witty banter in an awkward fashion.

In addition to the new mini-trailers, Warner Bros. has also released new banners and promotional images for the movie offering an idea of the scale of the carnage that awaits us when the movie opens July 20.

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