Since zombies, comics and metal are essentially a recipe for edgy pop culture peanut butter and jelly (and honey!...that is, if you like honey), it's a wonder the deliciousness doesn't ooze from every pore of the entertainment industry. Recognizing this, The Devil Wears Prada has assembled a preorder package for their upcoming "Zombie EP" that capitalizes on my very heavily biased sentiment quite perfectly.

Written by JL Bourne ("Day by Day Armageddon"), with art by Kevin Mellon ("Gearhead"), the 14-page "Zombie, The EP Comic" sees the band take on the legions of the undead with guns at the ready. While the EP serves as a concept album, the comic stands by itself as a zombie adventure independent of heavy handed lyrical inspiration and focuses on action and band-approved character likenesses.

The EP/Comic combo will be available exclusively at Hot Topic Stores starting August 24, but fans can preorder the EP/comic bundle online from the band's Web site.

See a full-sized cover image after the jump.

[Via Kevin Mellon]