Team17's prison break-focused indie hit, The Escapists, collides with the worldwide phenomenon of The Walking Dead in one amazing crossover starring Rick Grimes.

Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment will be working with Team17 in order to create The Escapists The Walking Dead, a new game set in an undead apocalyptic world using the engine and mechanics of one of the most unique indie games we've ever encountered. Team17 will be utilizing the best of both worlds in order to let us play as Rick Grimes as he secures safe passage for his wary band of survivors, adhering to The Escapists' awesome 8-bit art style.

This adventure will feature plenty of familiar faces from the comic book cast as Rick must find escape routes from each area and perform dangerous tasks to make sure as many people from his group survive as they get away. Team17 did their homework, as the events of the game match the timeline of the comics' events.

“Team17 presented a creative plan to blend The Walking Dead into The Escapists and our response was simple. When do we get started? The Escapists is a charming example of a single creator’s vision come to life," said Skybound Entertainment President Daniel Murray. "We are excited to offer fans of The Walking Dead something different and The Escapists The Walking Dead is just that. A playful interpretation that we believe fans of great games in general will love.”

The Escapists is a unique indie game where you have to escape from a variety of prisons. The game has a huge focus on inventory management and adhering to the usual schedule most prison inmates have to uphold, such as breakfast in the cafeteria during the mornings, washing inmates' clothes, cleaning the prison, outdoor recess, cell inspections and more. You have to collect various types of banned paraphernalia from around the prison and from other inmates in order to get the tools you need to escape. It'll be quite interesting to see how The Walking Dead is introduced to this format.

“With well over 600,000 units sold, the award-winning The Escapists is one of the hit indie titles of 2015. Masterminding your escape from prison is hard enough but how can we make it harder? Zombies," Team17 Managing Director Debbie Bestwick said. "Remember poor Rick Grimes trying to escape hospital, organize life at a farm or hold up in an abandoned prison? A little bit of awesome 8-bit pixel love later and BOOM! It is great to partner with Skybound and The Walking Dead and we are really excited to ‘escapify’ the amazing, rich and sinister world of Robert Kirkman.”

The Escapists The Walking Dead will launch sometime later this year for Xbox One and PC.

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