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The Fantastic Four have explored the Negative Zone, faced death and even defeated the mighty what kind of threat could possibly be more than the Fantastic Four can handle? Set in the near future, The Last Fantastic Four Story is all-new epic that will show you a different side of Marvel's First Family and they may not survive the experience! Stan Lee, the icon himself, returns to the Fantastic Four and teams with one of the greatest modern comic book artists, John Romita Jr., to bring you the kind of cosmic action that can only be found in the World's Greatest Comic Magazine! Since their inception, the Fantastic Four have broken new ground for super hero stories, presented a unique view of the super-powered life and now, with the return of one of the original co-creators, the FF are set to redefine just where super heroes can boldly go! And don't adjust your monitors-you're getting 48, that's right, 48 story pages of exciting action in the Mighty Marvel Manner from Lee & Romita Jr!

Editor Tom Brevoort explained, "This is Stan writing his final story for the Fantastic Four, the characters who began the Marvel Age of Comics-so in some ways, this is like Stan's bookend on his entire career at Marvel. Plus, he's working with John Romita Jr. for the first time, an artist who embodies all of the best qualities in terms of storytelling and power as those classic creators who collaborated with Stan back in the glory days, but who is simultaneously an artist of the here and now. So hopefully, this will be a rare treat for readers everywhere."

It's Stan "The Man" Lee, returning to the Fantastic Four and John Romita Jr.'s lush art bringing you a special Fantastic Four tale like no what are you waiting for? Also, don't miss the special poster of John Romita's gorgeous cover to The Last Fantastic Four Story, arriving in stores later this August. The Fantastic Four are nearing the end...but is it the end of their careers or the end of their lives?

Written by STAN LEE
Pencils and Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Rated A ...$4.99
FOC-7/12/07, On-Sale-8/1/07

24X36 Color Poster...$6.99
FOC-8/2/07, On-Sale-8/22/07

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