The Thanksgiving holiday is now behind us, and you know what that means: the stoplight for Christmas insanity has officially turned green, and now every department store, television ad, and song you hear at Starbucks will be unrelentingly focused on our favorite annual holiday of economic consumption and good cheer.

We'd like to start out the new season with our tongues firmly in cheek, thanks to these Not-Right Nativity scenes for sale on Etsy. Our personal favorite, below, features Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman as Mary and Joseph, the Thing as a shepherd doing one-handed curls with a sheep, the Human Torch and Silver Surfer as Wise Men, and presumably Franklin Richards as everyone's personal savior.



Pokemon Nativity

The idea of Jesus as represented by a Pokemon suicide bomber with a sinister grin on his face is not something I'm prepared to fully analyze at this moment. This is a pseudo-provocative art school project just waiting to be turned in.

Final Fantasy 7 Nativity

So few creches remember to include the lowly Chocobo.



T-Rex Nativity

The ending to Jurassic Park, as seen in the alternate reality where Jesus is a velociraptor.


Star Wars Nativity

The three wise men as... Sand People? Is -- is that racist? I can't even tell.

Indiana Jones Nativity

Careful, little baby Jesus. That Indiana Jones guy has been known to punch small children in the face.


Mermaid Nativity

Why is Ariel watching ominously from a distance? Is she supposed to be Herod? Also, I guess Sebastian is a donkey, or something.

Dinosaur Nativity

One of the less-known miracles of the birth of Jesus is how the infant actually joined the conga line to celebrate his own birth. With dinosaurs.

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