Even though he ran out of funding before he was able to fully realize perfection with his steam-powered calculator, The Difference Engine, Charles Babbage's contributions to science and computing technology have been validated time and again by the scientific community.

Now, as Boing Boing pointed out, readers who'd like a mirthful five minute history on Babbage can check out the BBC's Techlab strip by Sydney Padua.

The strip presents a jovial Babbage narrating the trials and tribulations associated with his most famous creation, which wasn't actually constructed until 120 years after his death. Babbage is joined by Countess Ada Lovelace, who is credited with being the first computer programmer, and consulted Babbage on his difference and analytical engines. Padua plays off the pair's Victorian vibe with the kind of energy that makes Jane Austen's favorite time period seem somehow palatable (even without zombies). If only every inventor could be brought to life in such a fashion.