As best we can gather, web designer and graphic artist Brian Richard unleashed an army of gaping little children onto the internet when he posted his initial template for the #FatKid Project. You may have seen his Joker pop in "Best Art Ever" a few days back, but it turns out there is a legion of similar, slightly-off-looking tots roaming around, including Wolverine, Mega Man and Princess Leia variants.Richard's original FatKid can been found on Flickr. His account there, as well as his Tumblr and Facebook feeds, contain many, many more portly children, both male and female.

The androgynous nature of FatKid may be weirdest part about this whole experiment. It's pretty amazing that you can use the same body to depict Lion-O and Storm, and there are plenty more where that came from.

Lose a few hours scouring Richard's archives, and scope out a few of our favorite kids down below.