Ah, lawsuits. Creator's rights are nothing to balk at, but copyright law is pretty much every comic fan's Kryptonite when it comes to Superman. The cat's legal history is harder to follow than his Silver Age continuity and it doesn't look like it's getting simpler any time soon after a recent legal summit between DC Comics and Superman creator Jerry Siegel's heirs failed to find any common ground last week.

The Comics Reporter
points to Jeff Trexler's article about the Intellectual Property Of Steel's latest legal developments - namely, that there weren't any just yet.

Additionally, the presiding judge who had been pushing for a settlement is leaving the case, which means he could be as sick of the legal tennis match as most fans are. Or not. Judges tend to dig this kind of mumbo jumbo, hence the legal careers.

Still, it makes a fan wonder how this scenario would have played out on Earth-2?

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