Following up on a similarly sarcastic but inescapably funny variant cover from earlier this year, the latest Dark Horse press release in support of The Goon defies you not to check out the deeply irreverent, typically hilarious, frequently vulgar and always beautifully illustrated series by Eric Powell.

The series follows the adventures of the titular Goon and his diminutive but excessively ornery companion Frankie as they fight (and drink) their way through every form of fantastical threat, from zombies to ghosts to monsters to robots to cannibals to super scientists and beyond. The Goon mixes over-the-top gore with twisted, laugh-out-loud comedy and some genuinely touching, emotional moments, all wrapped up in Powell's distinctively gorgeous, tightly rendered artwork. It's great, and filmmaker David Fincher has been trying to get an animated movie going for quite some time.

Now shipping monthly since July's issue #40, The Goon is available in a number of collected editions that you can purchase from Dark Horse directly as well as finer comics shops and bookstores everywhere. The series is also available online from Dark Horse Digital, which is offering the Twilight-mocking issue #34 for free. We advise new readers to check it out at once.

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