Longtime ComicsAlliance readers have probably noticed that we're big fans of The Legend of Zelda. Like many of our favorite superheroes, the venerable Nintendo fantasy game franchise has been with us for most of our Generation Reeeeemix lives, as demonstrated beautifully in the Scott Pilgrim comic books and film. Even though it comes from video games and not comics, we look for ways to honor Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka's Hyrule mythology whenever we can. With The Legend of Zelda celebrating its 25th anniversary this week, it seemed appropriate to curate a gallery of illustrations and other artwork inspired by these beloved games.Most impressive of these works is a massive mural that packs 25 years of Zelda into a single image. It was created by a Japanese artist calling him-or-herself AG+. Naturally, click to see a larger version of this glorious work, and scroll down for an astonishing time-lapse video of AG+ creating the picture.

Artwork by AG+

Artwork by FantasyAce

Making-of video

Artwork by Daltair

Amazing cosplay picture by unknown

Artwork by Victor Zago

Artwork by Carlos Lerms

Artwork by Chris Newman

Artwork by Nathan Maurer

Artwork by Caldwell Tanner and Shawn Handyside and for sale in shirt form

Artwork by unknown

Artwork by Josh Mirman

Artwork by Jim Benedict

Artwork by Pakoto Martinez

Artwork by Adam Koford

Artwork by Bill Murdon

Artwork by Ricardo Yoshio Tokumoto Okama

Photos via Buzzfeed

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