Legend of Korra Book 2

As a culture, we've become pretty bad at waiting. Whether we're reading our favorite comics in trade paperback or streaming an entire season of our favorite television shows to watch in one sitting, there's less need for us to be patient than ever. So, yeah, we collectively kind of suck at it now.

Fortunately, the folks at Nickelodeon recognize our recently developed collective failing, and have decided to be kind: The season finale to  The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits, scheduled to air on television next Friday, can be viewed online right now.

To watch it, you can head over to Nick's website. I confess I found the first half of this season to be shaky, but it improved drastically as it went on, and by the end of the two-parter where Korra meets Wan, the first Avatar, I was all in again.

We'll have more on this season after it officially ends November 22nd.

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